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Fox Terra Logic 2011

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En jawel, opnieuw een Fox F100X Terralogic voor 2011 !

TerraLogic is also predominately a hardtail technology. Why? Unless you’re riding a suspension bike with some sort of pedalling platform that wants to lock out when you stand on it – say dw-link, VPP or Specialized with rear inertia damper – the bike will be hard to balance. This is especially noticeable when standing or sprinting on smooth terrain or road.

The new F100 TerraLogic is the best fork we've ridden for hardtail mountain bikes, especially when the task is racing. However, once we moved it over to the full-suspension bike, a few bugs did crop up. It’s here that we have to say that, if we were spending our own money, we'd probably stick with an RLC damped fork for a full-suspension bike. The reason is the aforementioned balancing difficulty.

With the TerraLogic damper you again select your threshold but once that’s overcome, the fork abruptly opens up and this feeling – almost like an unhinging – unbalances the bike. Depending on the rear suspension design, we imagine the effect will vary from slightly noticeable to extremely irritating. On the Giant Anthem we tested it with, it’s ever so slightly noticeable.

Balancing issues aside, there are two other chinks in the F100 TerraLogic fork’s armour: its weight – 1,590g with full 265mm steerer tube, which is about 135g heavier than the equivalent RLC damped fork – and the placement of the threshold adjuster at the bottom of the right fork leg.

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